Amazing Gameplay

See Why So Many Love It

It’s tempting to start this review with some anecdote about a time I’ve had a game decided by Hearthstone’s notorious RNG. It would be easy for me to recall three Arcane Missiles all improbably hitting my precious face, which I’d thought was safe behind a full board of possible targets. Or perhaps I could pick one of the occasions I pulled off an unlikely win from behind, drawing the one card in my deck that could pull me out of an otherwise hopeless hole. I could also talk about the thrill of finding the two best Legendaries in a new set from my first five packs, or how I once drafted the perfect deck in Arena only to lose three times in a row to obscenely unlucky draws. But I don’t want to do that, because zeroing in on Hearthstone’s most spectacular moments obscures what makes the game special.

– Will Bindloss
Blizzard Entertainment, Featured Game

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