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Internet Tough Guys

& girls ¬†ūüėČ

Ready to Raid? 

Internet Tough Guys

We are a Raiding Guild since January 16, 2007, The Burning Crusade.
We take pride in being the first Internet Tough Guys Raiding guild as well. All the others stole our SH!%

The same group of forty plus people yelling and bitching at each other to pick up their DPS and Healing. Over the years, hundreds of players have rotated in, but we always kept the same Core 40 or so people with us. We played just about every MMO together and always fall back to the WOW.
Come Join us for the madness.

World of Warcraft Online

Our 2 Servers We Play On


Hyjal is where we took iTG!

This is where our Hardcore Main Raiders will be spending our time and wasting our lives, trying to complete Mythic raiding. Come be apart of the fun. DPS and Healing will have to be top-notched. Making Raiding days of Tues-Thur 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm PST will be a must.

Recrutment is open while we level in the new XPAC Shadowlands

Come and Prove yourself and help be part of the raid!
Message any of the officers online and for an invite.¬†We will continue to remove people that choose not to help progression in, Dungeons, and Raids.¬†Don’t be a waste of our time or others.¬†We just want to play, have fun, logoff, and watch TV. You not showing up or wiping a raid because you can’t grasp the concept of repetition and moving out of shit will not fly.

Dragonmaw HORDE

Dragonmaw is where the iTG guild formed

It is also one of the first four servers WOW had on release. Feel free to join our casual guild and hang out.

Come and request an invite, everyone is welcome!
We are a group of friends that do NOT take things seriously. Leave your political correctness out of the guild. If you’re a spiteful ass you will be dropped. We have all races, creeds, religions & idiots in this guild.

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Call of Duty

Heroes of the Storm


Star Wars: The Old Republic



Diablo 2, 3, 4 Coming out



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