Looking for a Guild? Join iTG

Server: Dragonmaw - Horde
If you are looking to join us. Please message anyone in guild and we can invite you.

1: Must be 18 or over, able to make our 3 required Raid says Tues-Thur 7:00pm Server P.S.T. for a mim of 3 hours a night.

2: Must not be a total POS and able to take criticism if your DPS or Healing sucks. We will work with you to bring it up. Understand that we pay 15$ a month for this game and do not want to waste it carrying you. It is unfair to you if your the one needing to carry and it is unfair to the others that work hard to carry your ass.

3: Must be able to take a joke and understand we have, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Indians: the Dot Dot kind, and even Girls, I know Girls, don’t worry they don’t suck ;) Our Teamspeak language is vulgar and disgusting but we are all friends. 

So read up on your class. Understand not only your job in a boss fight, but the others job as well and most importantly, MOVE out of the RED shit on the ground! its not healing you!

“I got your dude hangin right here, punk ass ninja”

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