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Welcome to Internet Tough Guys

iTG: We are games, we are the weak that think we are strong behind the firewall, we are the asshole that head shotted you 23 times in a row and you think we are hacking. We are the ones ganking you over and over while your trying to pick lovely herbs to make healing potions. We are the guys that down a boss in 3 attempts and it took you 2 weeks, 5 different tanks and 2 different guild masters. Join us, be an asshole to your fellow gamer. Make them know your better than them. Or just come along for the ride. It's all just a game. But why not be apart of the best.


ArcheAge, our newest MMO of choice. It is FREE TO PLAY! So you can download it for free and you will not have a Monthly Payment to play. You can however purchase goods in their store with real money, but for the most part it is not Pay To Win.
Come Play! Message anyone of us for a Guild invite.

Server: Ezi
Faction: Nuian Alliance

iTG Call of Duty

iTG Call of Duty
So we are getting a lot of people crying about hacking in COD and especially from our Sponsored Players. Please read this and understand. They are not hacking you are just that bad at the game. To be honest to cry about it this much and to suggest that someone else could be better than you in a game I know sounds like Blasphemy; but believe it people sometimes or should we say more than often there are people out there in this world that are better than you at 99% of the things you think your awesome at. Live with it and quit crying. Watch the replays as well you can clearly see that they are not using any hacks and are just totally nerds that play more hours a day than they should be playing a game.

If you have any comments plz feel free to post them. We would love to hear what you have to say.

We Are Back! Warcraft

So we took a break and realized that there is no taking breaks for to long with it comes to World of Warcraft.

It's Crack for the nerd! We have the tanks and just looking for a few healers to start up our 10mans. Messages us up in game for more info if needed.

Server: Dragonmaw

Faction: Horde

GM: Eateat

Or message any iTG memeber for more information


Cock of DutyDoo!
Once again the Domination of you suckos begins.
Want to group up with one of iTGs best COD player?
Want to be part of the shit talking that goes on all night when you should be in bed getting sleep for work!

Join WOWREALLY?, Hook, Krap, EatEat, in hours of mindless trolling. Listing to the people endlessly accuse them of hacking when its clear they are the ones that suck.
We are always open to play some Call of Duty with anyone. Message us up!
Fun for the whole family!

Tartan's Videos

Check back soon for the latest of our very own top DPS WOW member, Tartan and his Videos.
Need help! Ask the guy a question.
He is here to help you out so you quit sucking in WOW.

WTF is with this guy?

Become a iTG Member!

Sick of your Computer?

Sick of playing on a POS computer?
Do you not have enough money to make one, or so you think?
Here is our iTG build for under 750 that can run pretty much every game out there perfectly fine with out your guild/clan members or friends your grouped with wanting to kill you for screwing up their time from you lagging so bad and sucking.

iTG's Build